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Celebrating 56 Years of Excellence       

Sadly Bob Passed away Aug 3...Ted Grundmeier will be taking over as
 admin of the web site.

February 9, 2017 UPDATE

STEM Challenge update
Here are the top 4 classes as they stand as of 1/17/17:
1. Class of '61 has a total of $1,817.50
2. Class of '62 has a total of $1,639.50
3. Class of '86 has a total of $1,500.00
4. Class of '81 has a total of $1,139.00

Watch this 3+30 minute youtube video about the WRHS STEM program here

Read this PDF from classmate Roger Head about the challenge here

If you have a business, you may be interested in sponsership.  Details here

(It is also important that you notify us here so your donation is credited towards
 the 1961 challenge).

* * *

Our 55th - Reunion Picnic
The WRHS class of 1963 hosted the picnic at Prospect Park this summer.
So, who are these classmates in this one photo that was sort of good enough for posting here?

The WRHS STEM students brought their past-winning cars to the picnic for all of us to examine.  They also made an imprssive presentation to the group.

Another way to donate is thru the King Soopers / Kroger prepaid card.  You will get your fuel points rewards if you use this card.  See the PDF as you will need to register your card.

It costs us $99.99 per year to keep this site active.  THANKS!

- Jan Simpson Blackenship donated $20 at the August 2016 Picnic
- Dolores Hecox Marshall donated $10 at the August 2016 Picnic

- Sharon Albee Dumont donated $20 in June 2016.
- "Anon" classmates couple donated $50 in February 2016.

- Ellen Matthews Yarnell donated $20 at the July 2015 Picnic

- Vicki Porter Rufenacht donated $30 in December 2014
- Ted Grundmeier paid our $50 for our share of the park rental for the picnic
- Jone Penna donated $25 at the 2014 picnic
- Ron Barnes donated $61 in June 2014 with the note "For the class of '61'"
- Mary Lou Meadows Malone donated $30 in May 2014
- Michael (Mick) Stilley donated $20 in April 2014
- Vicki Porter Rufenacht donated $25 in February 2014

- Barb Moore Wright donated $25 in November 2013
- Jan Mundell Hartley donated $20 in November 2013
- Bruce & Sue Dunn donated $40 in October 2013
- Charlene Bernsten Wilderman donated $25 in October 2013
- Jan Simpson Blankenship donated $30 in September 2013
- Merita Harmon Bach donated $20 in September 2013
- Roger Head donated $20 in August 2013
- Ted Grundmeier donated $100 at the picnic this summer 2013
- Barb Evans Drake donated for $40 this summer 2013
- Judie Morse Chiappone sent $20 this summer 2013

- Wanda Congrove Martin recently donated $25
- Pam Woodard Hope recently donated $20
- Carol Meyers Walker recently donated $25
- Vicki Porter Rufenacht recently donated $30
- Judie Morse Chiappone recently donated $20

Send donations to maintain this site and for future reunions to our current "treasurer":
Bob Potter, 61 Baylor Dr., Longmont, CO 80503

2014 Picnic Pictures
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2011 Reunion Pictures:

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Slide Show at Dinner by Judie (Morse) Chiappone
Mixer Pictures
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Picnic Pictures
Picnic Pictures from Bea (Cerrone) Dietzler
ALL old reunion pictures (30th - 50th)

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