Do you remember us?.........  We remember you!....

You are invited to be the guests of honor on August 11th, 2001 as we celebrate our 40th Class Reunion.  (Transportation will be provided for those who prefer not to drive)

We need additional information on WHS faculty who were with the school from 1957-1961.  Can you help us?

Located Faculty (as of 6/4/01)
Edgewater, CO
Wheat Ridge, CO

Arvada, CO
Arvada, CO
Golden, CO
Denver, CO
Lakewood, CO

Wheat Ridge, CO
Wheat Ridge, CO
Arvada, CO
Arvada, CO

Charles Ellis
Mary Hunter
Harry Narcisian
Eunice Newnam
Bill Proctor
Blair Work

Stuart Brown
George Collins
Robert Eckhardt
Jerry Hamill
Tom Haycraft
Helen Knudtson
Larry McWilliams
Emma Lou Purvis
Melvin Schwartz
Vern Thomas
Ed Tipper
Larry Wallace
Russ Warneke
Joe Weatherbee

Harold Crimmins
Virginia Garland
Mary Ann Lynen
Charles Melvin
Elmer Powell
John Roberts

In Memory
Do you have a favorite memory (or maybe it was a favorite student) from the Class of '61?
How long did you continue teaching?  What are you doing now?  Trips?

Information we have -
- In 1995 Larry Wallace was honored with a tribute from former band members (500 or so attended).
- Ed Tipper was honored June 2001 in Normandy, France (Ed was a former Airborne Ranger)
- Helen Knudtsen is the resident "musical entertainer" at Springwood in Arvada
- Emma Lou Purvis was interviewed on CNN last month

We would love to have more info on all of you!  With your approval, we will update our website with your stories.  E-Mail the Webmaster.

Looking forward to seeing you on August 11, 2001!

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